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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions I get asked most frequently by families inquiring about lessons! Feel free to contact me directly if your question is not answered below. 

1. Will I need a piano or keyboard if I am going to take piano lessons?

    Yes! Daily practice is vital to achieving success on any instrument. 

2. Do you charge a registration fee?


3. Are lessons set up on a recurring basis?

    Yes! I will work with you to set up a weekly slot for you or your child's lesson.

4. How often should I practice?

    This depends on the age and goals of the student. A beginner should practice at least 

    fifteen minutes a day, at least five days a week. As a student progresses and the music 

    becomes more difficult, the amount of practice time must increase to ensure satisfactory 


5. Will I need to purchase my own lesson materials?

    Yes. Students/parents are responsible for purchasing their own books and instrument 


6. Can I be in the room when my child takes their lesson?

    Yes! This is highly encouraged, especially for younger children. 

7. Do you teach adults?

    Yes! I love working with adults, whether they are beginners or comeback players. Adult 

    students currently make up 30% of my studio. 

8. How do I know my child is musical?

    All children are musical! Lessons help to refine children's inherently musical traits.

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