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Studio Policies 2023-2024

Teacher Expectations

I will teach music to students in an environment that fosters encouragement and creativity. It is my goal to ignite a lifelong love of music making in my students through exploring and expanding their musical interests. I will tailor the curriculum to match each student’s specific learning needs. 

Student and Family Expectations

Students agree to arrive on time to each lesson. Students agree to arrive well-prepared and with assigned music, books, and instruments. If a student is running early and I am available to start the lesson early, we will do so. If a student is running late, the lesson will not extend past their scheduled end time. A piano will be provided in the studio for in-person piano lessons. Daily, quality practice is necessary for good progress. Please ask questions about home assignments so that the student and parents can completely understand the assignments and goals. 


Parents: If something is happening at home or school that is affecting your child please let me know. The more information I have, the more I can be sensitive to the needs of your child.


All students are encouraged to perform in studio recitals. Throughout the year, there will be multiple opportunities for live, in-person performances, as well as virtual recitals where students pre-record their performances. Trumpet students are encouraged to prepare and perform a solo at Solo & Ensemble Festival. 


Students must have their own instrument to practice at home. If you have questions or would like input on the purchase of an instrument please let me know. I am happy to set appointments to meet the student and their family for instrument trials and make specific recommendations.

For health and safety reasons, all students are expected to arrive at the studio with clean hands. All students must wear shoes, especially piano students. Shoes are essential for proper piano pedaling technique. Flip flops and bare feet are not permitted in the studio. Piano and ukulele students must have their nails trimmed. 

Tuition and Schedule

Flat monthly tuition rates are based on the number of guaranteed lessons in the calendar year. There will be a minimum of 42 lessons offered throughout the year, and the weeks where lessons are not held (due to holidays, personal performance opportunities, teacher illness, etc.) will be communicated in advance when possible. Planned non-lesson weeks are listed below. 

Week of January 1

Week of March 25 

Week of April 1

Week of June 17

Week of June 24

Week of July 1

Week of July 8

Week of November 25

Week of December 16

Week of December 23

Week of December 30

All payments are non-refundable. After the first payment, invoicing and payment will run automatically on the first of each month. Tuition will be drawn on the 1st each month from the credit card or debit card on file. All automatic payments will be run through Stripe.

In the event that a payment is returned or declined, a 48 hour window will be provided to adjust the payment method and resubmit payment. Any payments not received by the 3rd of the month will receive a $20 late fee. Recurring late payments may result in termination of the student’s enrollment.

In order to cancel tuition, written notification must be received via email 2 weeks in advance. In the case that notice is not received by that deadline, the full tuition amount will be run automatically on the first of the month, and students have the option to attend all paid lessons that month. Lessons will then cancel for the following month.

Cancellation Policy

Lessons canceled with under 24 hours notice will not be provided a makeup lesson. Lessons canceled with at least 24 hours notice will be credited a makeup lesson for that month. Makeup lessons or absences do not count as credit for the next month’s tuition. Lessons canceled by me will be given as much notice as possible and will be rescheduled within 30 days. Invoices are based on the number of lessons the studio schedules and will not be altered. Planned vacations or other conflicts communicated in advance receive a makeup lesson credit for that month. Continued cancellation of lessons may result in dismissal of the student from the studio.

Music and Materials

Each student is responsible for purchasing the required music and materials for lessons. Materials will be assigned by me and the student will be expected to have the materials no later than two weeks after the materials have been assigned. Advanced notice will be provided whenever possible.


When students enroll, they are reserving their place in the studio for the entire term. Changes to weekly schedules may be made on a case-by-base basis each month before tuition is due.


If the student decides to pause lessons during the course of a semester, tuition for the remainder of the semester still applies. Alterations to this policy are on a case-by-case basis.


Fall Term - September through December

Spring Term - January through June 

Summer Term - July through August


Please note that a student's spot will not be guaranteed for the fall term if they were not enrolled in lessons during the summer term.

Studio Events & Performances

The studio provides performance opportunities each term. Participation in recitals is strongly encouraged. Recital dates will be announced at least a month in advance. 

Photo & Video Release Form

From time to time I use photos and short videos of my students around the studio, on the studio website, or in social media posts. These videos and posts are encouraging to other students and helpful to other teachers. If you do not want your child's image(s) to be used, please let me know. In general, the students love to see their pictures and videos on my website or around the studio. They find it motivating and exciting to think that others want to know what they are learning. The students are identified only by first name.


By enrolling and paying tuition for myself or my child in Wesley Knust Music Studio, I certify that I understand and agree to the studio policies for the 2023/2024 school year.

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